We grow about a dozen varieties of mostly American hops, including:



Probably the most popular American variety, with a moderate bitterness value and floral and citrus aroma. Cascade is often used in pale ales, IPA, porters, and wheat beers and is nice for dry hopping. AA: 4.5-7.0%, BA: 4.5-7.0%.




A high alpha acid, yet dual purpose, hop with smooth bitterness and full flavor. It has spicy, piney, and grapefruit tones and has an herbal, almost smoky character when used as an aroma hop. Chinook is often used in pale ales, lagers, IPAs, and heavy bodied dark ales.

AA: 12.0-14.0%, BA: 3.0-4.0%.




A great dual purpose bittering hop with a spicy, herbal aroma. It is commonly used in pale ales, stouts, and IPAs.

AA: 12.0-14.5%, BA: 4.0-6.0%.




An heirloom variety developed from a cross between an English Sunshine and native North American male hop. It is an all-purpose hop that is used for bittering or late additions and imparts a “raspy” or “wild American” bitterness. It has unique zesty grapefruit, pineapple, and orange aroma notes. An early version of a “C” hop. Works well with American Ales, IPAs, and Lagers.

AA: 9.0 – 11.0%, BA: 4.0 – 6.1%




Sometimes referred to as a “Super Cascade”. A well balanced hop that can be used for aroma as well as bittering. Bitterness is quite clean and can have floral notes depending on boil time. Works well with all styles of ales, and makes a “heady” brew because of the high lupulin levels.

AA: 9.5-11.5%, BA: 3.5-4.5%.




Cluster (early and late varieties) are being grown as a trial. Cluster is one of the oldest American heirloom hop to be used in commercial production. Cluster probably came to be via hybridization of varieties imported by Dutch and English settlers with a North American native male hop. It is a classic all-purpose “C” hop with intense citrus and passion fruit aromas. Useful for a wide variety of beer styles, including Stouts and Barleywine.

AA: 5.5-8.5%, BA: 4.5-5.5%.




Tahoma was newly released by Washington State Universtiy in 2013. Tahoma is a daughter of GLACIER. It retains the very low cohumulong characteristic of Glacier with somewhat higher alpha acid content. Tahoma has a pleasant aroma with subtle lemon citrus notes. It's a new variety that has better resistance to mildews and ranks highly in our grower trials. Aroma: subtle lemon, and citrus notes. 

AA: 7.6% BA: 8.8% with high oils




A new Dual purpose aroma hop sometimes referred to as the “new Cascade”. Its parentage is a cross of Cascade and English hops x Brewers gold (Northern Brewer). It was released from Washington State University in 2013. Slightly higher alpha average than Cascade with double the humulene. Described as a melon, lemony, lime with herbal spice. Ahigher humulene provides woody spicy notes somewhat similar to coriander when boiled for a period of time. 

AA: 7.7% - 9% BA: 6.4% - 7%



Kent Golding

Kent Golding is a traditional diploid English aroma hop that was developed by clonal selection. It has a light, fluffy, cone structure that is small in size with small amounts of pale yellow lupulin. Goldings are desired by brewer's because of their aroma in kettle hopping, late hopping and dry hopping. Considered the premium English aroma type. Gentle, fragrant, and pleasant floral and spice notes. 

AA: 4.0% - 5.5% BA: 1.9% - 2.8%



....As we evolve, so will our selections, abilities and offerings.....so stay tuned!