Our Mission:

To provide the best quality fresh hops picked at their utmost peak of maturity, packaged and delivered to brewers in a timely manner, always providing the customer with “more” than expected!

…...girls love flowers, and we're no exception......so came to be HopStuff  yard in south-central Pennsylvania, established in 2015 by two sisters, Melissa Stuff and Donna Stuff Fields. We're born and raised farm gals who not only love flowers, but love the land.  We make a living in agriculture, and have great admiration for craft beers and also love the way flowers taste, especially in beer!  We've been involved in our families' ag business for over twenty-five years and started growing hops about a decade ago.  We are intrigued with the hop plant and its' mysterious ways.  So when we heard of the world-wide demand of the plant a few years ago, we decided to take a portion of the family farm and Grow “up” some hops! This year, 2015, was our first year growing and we turned out some pretty good stuff.  We especially enjoyed working with local brewers and very much respect the craft. 


         Most of our hops are American varieties and are marketed as “Fresh from the field”, however some are also dried.  Our future plans include purchasing a mechanized picker and pelletizer, to preserve the delicate fresh flavors for year long use.  We're also expanding our field to three acres, with the possibility of going much bigger!  Some of our byproducts are used in alternative hop-based products such as honey, soaps and pickled hop shoots!


         For us growing hops is just another extension of good land stewardship, stainability, and an honest way to make a living.  We keep our hands dirty and our hearts healthy by spreading the joy of hops!


Donna and Melissa